Professional & Healthcare Placement

** Due to COVID-19 all interviews are by appointment only. Please call our office to schedule a time after completing the application. **

Our Goal

We have a proven record of excellence when it comes to professional & healthcare recruiting and placements. Our goal is to build long-lasting relationships with our valued clients. We will evaluate our clients’ needs and work with them to build a recruiting strategy that will help in finding the right fit for the position.  

Optimus Employment prides ourselves on Full-Cycle Recruiting  

These are the stages to follow during the full cycle recruiting process: 

  1. Preparing 
  2. Sourcing 
  3. Screening 
  4. Selecting 
  5. Hiring 
  6. Onboarding 

Full cycle recruiting is the recruitment process from start to finish. It is a multiple-step operation that ends in a successful job placement. Steps in the process include sourcing and interviewing candidates. A hiring authority, like a recruiter, who is part of the recruiting process every step of the way completes a full recruitment life cycle. 

Here are the different steps of full-cycle recruiting: 

Step 1: Receive Job Order from Client

The first step of full life cycle recruiting is to receive the job order from our client. We make sure to get a detailed job description with the job order so you know what you are looking for. 

Step 2: Search for and recruit candidates

When we receive a job order, we start searching for candidates. We take time to identify the ideal candidate that our customers are needing.

We utilize recruiting software, job board, social media, career fairs etc to source candidates.

Step 3: Narrow down results

After we find a respectable size of interested candidates we start screening them to see who will be interviewed. This is a very important part of the process for our recruiters because they need to sift through dozens of resumes to identify qualified applicants.

We want to make sure we pass along the most qualified candidates to our customers.

This is all done by our recruiters through resume screening, recruiting, software and qualifications.

Step 4: Join interviewing efforts

It is our job to find the best candidate to fit your company.  We will work with our customer to set up interviews that work for them. Such as phone, face to face, or skype interviews.

We are readily available if our customers would like us to sit in the interviews or if they simply choose to have us make the selection for them.

Step 5: Extend a job offer

Once our customer/client decides on a candidate, they will normally ask Optimus Employment to extend a job offer or they choose to make the offer theirself.

This is entirely up to our customers on what they are most comfortable with.

We can act as a mediator between the candidate and customer regarding salary or pay rate expectations.

Sometimes a candidate may feel more comfortable receiving an offer from an Optimus Employment representative that they have been working with throughout the process opposed to the company they interviewed with.

We will be there every step of the way. To help qualm any fears or to assist in making sure both parties are satisfied, such as with their negotiated salary.

Step 6: Place the candidate

The next step in full cycle recruiting is to make a successful placement.

Optimus Employment will assist both parties in a smooth process.

Step 7: Be part of onboarding

It is very important to Optimus Employment to maintain our contact with the new hire and customer.

We pride ourselves on building long lasting relationships.

We believe this helps to prevent turnover.

Optimus Employment will have a representative there for the entire onboarding process. We will be there to answer any questions the new hire has or address any issues they have encountered.

We understand that turnover costs our customers money. So we are dedicated to a successful placement.

We will be periodically touching base with the new hire and making sure they are comfortable.

So we can smooth over any problems and will help the customer retain their new hire.